Best Fitness tracker for Exercise

Keeping your body healthy requires a good meal plan and the best fitness tracker 2019. A good fitness tracker should be handful, capable of tracking your calories, sleeping duration, steps during recreational activities and even improve your health status in some ways. Without wasting much time, below are some best fitness trackers for everyday use.

Best Fitness Tracker Watch – Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 is a new model of Fitbit charge with slimmer body compared to Charge 2. Fitbit Charge 3 comes with massive battery that can keep on running for six consecutive days, activity tracker and heart rate tracker. Nevertheless, it is one of the best Fitness tracker for swimming due to the fact that the device is waterproof and also tracks swimming.

Spo2 feature is installed in the device to track your breathing. With the Spo2 feature, breathing abnormalities shall be detected. Apparently, Fitbit Charge 3 is the best fitness tracker of the year, compatible for both Android and iOS users. You can get yours on Amazon

Best Fitness Tracker For Elderly – Xiaomi Mi Band Three

Xiaomi Mi band three features are more unless like Charge 3’s. Xiaomi Mi band three has a large touchscreen display, tracks heart rate, waterproof and works on Android and IPhone smartphones. When we are talking about design, Xiaomi Mi band three is a child to Charge 3 and that is why it has a very low price tag. Therefore, People tend to purchase it better than other brands because it is the best Fitness tracker for everyday use.
You can get yours on Amazon

Best Fitness Tracker With GPS – Garmin Vivosport

The Garmin Vivosport is a fitness tracker with Inbuilt GPS and Heart rate tracker. It’s a wearable lightweight band designed for outdoor sports. You don’t have to worry about rainfall again during your long run because it resist water for about 5atm but not good for swimming. Garmin Vivosport features an advanced heart metrics, sport mode, notification and seven solid days battery life.You can get yours on Amazon

Best Fitness Tracker for Exercise – Garmin Vivosmart 4

Sport requires energy even ordinary walking. Body battery feature is recently added to Garmin Vivosmart 4 to measure the amount of energy one has. It tells you if your current energy is enough for the next sport activity. We can’t cheat the body. That’s why the heart rate variability bases stress score feature is embedded in the device for you to know when to take a rest. However, it also features VO2 max feature and Rep counting for gym exercises.
You can get yours on Amazon

Best Fitness Tracker for iphone and Android – Moov now

Do you love swimming? If yes, then Moov Now is the best fitness tracker for swimming you have ever imagined. It monitors swimming including strokes, distance covered and your pool stamina. Moov now is compatible on Android and iOS. Tracking heart rate, sleep, cycling coaching, etc. Sorry to tell you that, it lacks inbuilt screen.
You can get yours on Amazon

Best Fitness Tracker App – Withings Pulse HR

Withings are making all efforts to be the best and now Pulse Hr is pushing forward. Unfortunate, withings Pulse Hr does not have GPS and a touchscreen. However, uses location data from your phone with the Withings Health Mate App. The battery can survive 19 days of thorough usage giving you an accurate heart rate tracking. It has a beautiful screen alongside an OLED display.
You can get yours on Amazon

Best Fitness Tracker for Men- Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Since Listening to music during exercises is an excellent way of motivating you, Samsung Gear fit 2 pro can help you out. The Samsung gear fit 2 pro is bombarded with smartphone features which include streaming music. As expected, it tracks heart rate, swimming and sleeping. It features inbuilt GPS with Google map, so your phone can rest during activities. Great right?
You can get yours on Amazon

Best Fitness Tracker for Kids – Honor Band 4

We can’t talk about best fitness tracker without mentioning Honor band 4 been the best for Causal runners. Honor band offers no GPS, hence, it does not give an excellent result to everybody. It’s waterproof and monitors heart rate with a long lasting battery life. Although it has a small screen, yet gives a nice OLED display. You can get yours on Amazon

Best Fitness Tracker for Women – Amazfit Bip

Amazfit Bip is a fitness tracker having a wristwatch like structure. Just like every other fitness trackers, it tracks heart rate, activities, it’s waterproof, compatible on both android and iOS, and of course has a screen (black and white though). Most astonishing is that, its battery last approximately for a month even with GPS usage.
You can get yours on Amazon

The best Fitness trackers of 2019 help you gather insight information about yourself. You can now choose what suit your taste but I would advise you choose what motivates and makes you more active. Kindly leave a comment below. Let’s know your choice and don’t hesitate to share.

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