Apple Airpod 2 is the latest Apple brand Wireless Earbud that is keeping the whole world in suspense. The much awaited airpods 2 gadget will be released on the 29th of march.

Apple Airpod 2 Design

Obviously, Apple is not ready to give its Airpod model any other colour apart from White. Well, it might be the downside of Airpod 2 to some persons due to the fact that, it’s not their favourite colour. Apart from the colours, Airpod 2 is handful but it has no rubber at the tip. Thus, might hurt when deeply inserted into the ears. It’s tightly packed to the extent that water can not penetrate into it even when in a mighty ocean (exaggerating though).

Features of Apple Airpods 2

Apple Airpods 2 comes with a lot of mind blowing features. These includes;

1. Biometric Sensor: Biometric sensor made it possible for Airpod 2 to do some fitness tracking. However, it more than a fitness tracker because it helps the device to detect stroke volume. When pressed up, it measure the internal temperature of the apparent user.

2. Wireless Charging: Do you know what Apple Airpods 2 tells you? It tells you that, chargers and chords you see today, you shall see them no more. This is not the first time Apple would produce devices with wireless charging. However, the wireless charging is possible with the help of air charge feature which Apple now include in all their products.

3. Acoustic pass valve Acoustic pass valve is a flap which allows the passage of sound into the ear especially while running. This helps you avoid weird reverberating effect that happens when you talk with the earbud in your ears. Likewise, You would always enjoy your music using this feature because it blocks external noise from entering your ears.

4. Siri You might be wondering what Siri does. Well, Siri does the same as Google voice search. Although siri has nothing to do with search engines but it controls your Apple Airpod 2 device to do various task like playing next track, pause, stop, etc moreover with voice instructions. Simply say “Hello Siri” to start using it.

Airpod 2

5. Apple AirPods 2 speaker-hybrid charging case. According to reliable source, Airpod 2 charging case serves as a home for the earbud and at the same time, a speaker. However, the case receives media from the wireless earbuds to an output speaker embedded in it.

6. Multipoint connectivity Apple Airpods 2 been a smart earbud possesses multipoint connection for easy connectivity of multiple headphones. This helps friends and family to listen to whatever you are listening to, without any sound lag.

Airpod 2 Release Date

Apple Airpod 2 is becoming unpredictable unlike other Apple products like Iphones and Smartwatches. At first, Apple Airpod 2 was rumoured to be launched last year (2018). Recently, we had an official news for Apples that it will be released on 29th march 2019.

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